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UV monomer various viscosity approximate conversion table



UV monomer centipoise (cP) is the Z-small unit of dynamic viscosity, dynamic viscosity indicates that the liquid flows under a certain shear stress when the measure of internal friction, the value of the shear stress added to the flowing liquid and the ratio of the shear rate, in the international system of units to Pa-s, the customary use of cP said.

Format tube.

Format tube viscometer is an inner diameter of about 10.75mm, 115mm high with a stopper glass tube, the above in 100 and 108mm have two scale lines. Generally 20 pieces in a box. It is used to hold liquid specimens and is widely used in coating research laboratories and in the construction of spring and paint manufacturing industries.
Measurement of the time loaded with liquid to 100mm scale, thermostat after plugging the plug to 108mm inscribed line, continue to thermostat for 10min, quickly inverted viscosity tube, and viscosity tube placed vertically in the 25 ℃ water bath, to determine the bubble rise to the top of the viscosity tube time required. The result is expressed in seconds, and 25℃ is indicated.

Stormer viscometer.

Stormer viscometer is mainly used to determine paint and other test instruments that use KU value to express the viscosity of paint, the instrument does not use weights and can read the KU value of the tested sample directly from the display, application range: paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, pastes.

Rotary viscometer.

Rotary viscometer is used to measure the viscous resistance of liquids and liquid dynamic viscosity, widely used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, plastic, food, medicine, cosmetics, adhesive products, paper chemicals, etc. It is a precision instrument for monitoring and controlling the stability of product quality in production.

Engler Viscometer.

Engler viscometer is designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard GB/T 266 “petroleum products Engler viscosity determination method” and the national industry standard JTJ 052 “highway engineering asphalt and asphalt mixture test procedures” in T0622 “asphalt Engler viscosity test (Engler viscometer method)” requirements, suitable for the determination of liquid in a certain temperature, volume of the conditions, from the Engler viscometer outflow Time (seconds) and distilled water at 20 ℃ out of the time (seconds) ratio, that is, the liquid’s Engler viscosity, the unit for Engler degrees. This instrument can test 2 specimens at the same time in the same temperature environment and generate the average value of time, which is the ideal instrument for determining the Englishtick viscosity value of petroleum products and asphalt products.

Ford 4# cup.

Ford (Ford) cup according to the American Society for Testing and Materials paint and raw materials standards ASTM D 1200, D333, D365 in the production, used to determine the viscosity of ink, paint, paint and other viscosity more convenient viscometer. It is refined from a high-quality aluminum cup with a small hole at the bottom and a capacity of about 100ml. Ford (Ford) cup by measuring the aluminum cup in a certain capacity of the test material from the bottom of the small hole out of the time required to measure the viscosity of the test material.

DIN viscosity cups.

UV monomer DIN viscosity cups are very simple to use, made of anodized aluminum with stainless steel orifices, and measure the consistency of paints, varnishes and similar products. The measured kinetic viscosity is usually expressed in terms of the number of seconds it takes to flow out. There are DIN 2#, 3# and 4# cups.

Coated-4 cups.

UV monomer coated-4 cup, is a kind of viscosity cup widely used in China. Designed according to GB/T 1723-93, it is suitable for measuring the conditional viscosity of coatings and other related products (outflow time is not more than 150 seconds). Under certain temperature conditions, measure the quantitative specimen from the specified diameter of the hole all outflow time, expressed in S.

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