2023 The Complete Guide To Liquid Sodium silicate: The Ultimate Guide

May 11, 2022 Longchang Chemical

How to apply Liquid Sodium silicate on concrete?

How much liquid sodium silicate is added to 100 pounds of cement? Generally add about 25 pounds. When adding water glass, the dosage is set according to 25% of the total amount of cement, if the amount of water glass added is not enough, then it can’t play the role of fast setting, on the contrary, if the amount of water glass added is too much, otherwise it will lead to too thick cement, which will affect the mixing, and the speed of setting is too fast, which will also affect the construction.

The characteristic of liquid sodium silicate is that it can make the cement fast slab curing in 5-10 minutes, and it belongs to the cement curing agent.


How to use sodium silicate

1. used in the petroleum industry to manufacture silica-alumina catalysts for petroleum catalysis and cracking.

2. in the chemical industry, it is used to make silica, zeolite molecular sieve, precipitated silica, various silicate types, and is the basic raw material of silicides.

3. in the light chemical industry, it is an indispensable filler in laundry detergent and soap, and sodium silicate itself is an efficient detergent, a softening agent and a sink aid for tap water used by the public.

4. in the textile industry, used as dyeing aid, bleaching and sizing.

5. in the machinery industry, it is widely used in casting, precision casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and as a metal preservative.

6. in the construction industry, used in the manufacture of quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement, waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory material, corrugated board, etc.

7. in mining, for mineral processing, waterproofing and plugging.

8. in agriculture, for the manufacture of silica fertilizer.

9. wood has fireproof properties when dipped in sodium silicate.

10. eggs can be stored for a long time without deterioration after being dipped in sodium silicate; high modulus sodium silicate is the binder for cardboard and carton.


Is sodium silicate safe for skin?


Liquid Sodium silicate CAS 1344-09-8 is safey for skin.

How is the viscosity of liquid sodium silicate measured?

When using liquid sodium silicate as a binding agent for refractory materials, its workability (meaning molding performance) mainly depends on the viscosity, which varies with the density and modulus of water glass, and the relationship is shown in the figure below. In the case of the same density, the higher the modulus, the greater the viscosity. Modulus of large liquid sodium silicate, with the increase in density, the more dramatic viscosity increase. For small modulus liquid sodium silicate, the viscosity changes slowly with density, which is related to the content of colloidal silica in sodium silicate solution. The higher the modulus, the more colloidal silica content, and the stronger the colloidal nature of the sodium silicate solution. On the contrary, the lower the modulus, the lower the colloidal silica content in the water glass, the stronger the non-colloidal nature of the whole system, so the viscosity tends to moderate with the density change.

M=1.023 x SiO2/Na2O

Is sodium silicate soluble in water?


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