Polymer antioxidants can be added to improve the shelf life of the product or to improve its high-temperature stability. while adding a stability margin during thermal processing.

Antioxidant additives can be classified into hindered phenolic, metal deactivates, amine, phosphites, thioesters and binary blends.

Hindered phenols are used as primary antioxidants. Organo-phosphites are sometimes used as secondary antioxidants. There is a synergistic effect when using different antioxidants blended together and the combination can meet heat and processing stability requirements.

Antioxidant product list

Primary antioxidant 1010, 1024, 1035, 1076, 1098, 1135, 1520, 1726, 1790, 245, 3114, 330, 445, 565, 5057, 697, 702, CPL, FS-042

Auxiliary antioxidants 168,  618, 626, DSTDP,  DLTDP,  412s

Antioxidant Blend B215,  B225,  B900

Antioxidant Types, Features, and Applications

Type features Application


Excellent Hydrolysis resistance

Extraction resistance

Yellowing resistance

Provide long term stability

PE/PP pipe

High crystalline PP





Excellent processing stability and colour stability

Heat stability, no residual impurity

Hard precipitation, no adhere to water,

No blooming, improve the transparency of article

Provide processing stability

PP/PE, elastomer, transparent article, PC, PC/ABS, nylon, POM etc.
Thiosynergists Long heat resistance better


No odour

For PP/PE need long term stabilizing, filler modified PP/PE, wire and cable


Low melting point, easy to use

Good stability, strong anti-aging

Extraction stability

Deactivate metal ion activity to prevent it boosting polyolefins degradation

PP/PE wire and cable

Filled modified materials



Excellent processing and color stability

Heat stability, no residual impurity

Granules form, no dust

Polyolefins, PC and PC alloy

Nylon, styrenics


Name CAS No. Features
Primary Amine
Sinanox® 042 143925-92-2 Used in Polypropylene Fiber, Automotive TPO/TPE, Prevent Gas Fading Discoloration
Sinanox® 445 10081-67-1 non-discoloring aromatic antioxidant for rubber
Sinanox® 5057 68411-46-1 liquid aromatic amine for processing and LTTS
Primary Hindered Phenolic
Sinanox® 1010 6683-19-8 general phenolic antioxidant
Sinanox® 1024 32687-78-8 phenolic AO and metal deactivator, for wire cable
Sinanox® 1035 41484-35-9 sulfur-containing phenolic AO for wire and cable
Sinanox® 1076 2082-79-3 low color, general phenolic antioxidant
Sinanox® 1098 23128-74-7 the best antioxidant for PA
Sinanox® 1135 125643-61-0 liquid phenolic AO, specifically for PUR
Sinanox® 136 181314-48-7 radical scavenger for PP, PE, etc
Sinanox® 1520 110553-27-0 synergistic, multifunctional AO for elastomers and TPE
Sinanox® 1790 40601-76-1 sterically phenolic AO for PUR, PP, PET, gas fading & high extraction resistance
Sinanox® 245 36443-68-2 phenolic AO for styrene polymers, adhesives, sealants, coatings
Sinanox® 3114 27676-62-6 non-discoloring phenolic AO; high extraction resistance
Sinanox® 330 1709-70-2 for PE/PP wire, cable, film, hot water pipe
Sinanox® 565 991-84-4 AO for BR, IR, SBR, NBR, Adhesive, Tackifier Resin
Sinanox® 697 70331-94-1 sterically phenolic AO and metal deactivator
Sinanox® 702 118-82-1 excellent oil AO, for PP/PE/ABS and rubber
Sinanox® BHT 128-37-0 General Phenolic AO For Rubber, Oil, Cosmetic, Food Contact
Sinanox® CPL 68610-51-5 non-discoloring or pinking, AO for rubber, latex, SBR, ABS
Sinanox® GA 80 90498-90-1 Low Color Phenolic AO for Low Gas Fading Discoloration
Auxiliary Phosphite
Sinanox® 1081 90-66-4 Antioxidant for Rubber, Latex
Sinanox® 1500 96152-48-6 For PVC, PP, PE
Sinanox® 168 31570-04-4 hydrolytically stable phosphite, most widely used
Sinanox® 618 3806-34-6 ABS, Styrenics
Sinanox® 626 26741-53-7 high-performance phosphite antioxidant for engineering plastics
Sinanox® 9228 26741-53-7 For Engineering plastics
Sinanox® DHOP 80584-86-7 For PVC
Sinanox® DPDP 26544-23-0 PVC, Resins
Sinanox® DPOP 26401-27-4 PVC, Polymers, PP
Sinanox® DPD 26544-27-4 PVC, Polymers
Sinanox® DPP 4712-55-4 unsaturated polyesters, PVC
Sinanox® H10 PVC, Polymers
Sinanox® PEPQ 119345-01-6 For Engineering plastics
Sinanox® PDDP 25550-98-5 PVC, Polymers
Sinanox® PDP 80584-86-7 PVC, Polymers
BA AO TDD 80584-85-6 PVC, Polymers
Sinanox® TDP 25448-25-3 PVC, ABS, Polymers
Sinanox® TLP 3076-63-9 PVC, Polymers
Sinanox® TPPI 101-02-0 PVC, Polymers
Sinanox® TTDP PVC, Rubber, Polymers
Auxiliary Thioester
Sinanox® 1726 110675-26-8 for adhesives, elastomers and related products
Sinanox® 412s 29598-76-3 sulfur ester AO, higher stability than dltp/dstp
Sinanox® DLTDP 123-28-4 thioester AO with low melting point, for polyolefin, PS, ABS
Sinanox® DSTDP 693-36-7 thioester AO with low melting point, for polyolefin, PS, ABS
Sinanox® PDP 80584-86-7 liquid phosphite antioxidant for many dispersed polymer
Sinanox® B210 Blend synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, low phosphite content
Sinanox® 225 31570-04-4/ synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, low phosphite content
Sinanox® 215 31570-04-4/ phenol/phosphite blend, medium phosphite content
Sinanox® B900 2082-79-3/ Synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, high phosphite content
Sinanox® FS Blend 210/301/410/811

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