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When general industrial solid waste (waste plastic, waste rubber, waste paper, and non-hazardous waste) generated by existing factories is handed over to a third party for disposal, what qualifications should the other party provide? Because the province can accept industrial solid waste There are only two landfills in China, and companies with solid waste treatment qualifications can’t find them. Can they be directly handed over to the incineration power plants in the province for disposal?
Answer: When the general industrial solid waste (waste plastic, waste rubber, waste paper, and no hazardous waste) generated by the existing factory is handed over to a third party for disposal, the environmental protection aspect only requires the other party to provide qualifications such as environmental assessment and acceptance. General industrial solid waste that meets the relevant requirements of incineration power plants can be directly delivered to incineration power plants in the province for disposal.

Enterprises use recycled waste plastics to make recycled fiber cotton in accordance with the law. Does the waste gas generated in this process comply with Article 4 of Chapter 1 of the Environmental Protection Tax Law. Standard facilities and places for storing or disposing of solid waste. “Environmental protection tax exemption?
Answer: The Environmental Protection Tax Law mentioned in Chapter 1, Article 4, Paragraph 2 (Enterprises, institutions and other production operators store or dispose of solid waste in facilities and places that meet national and local environmental protection standards). The precondition “If there is one of the following circumstances, it does not belong to the direct discharge of pollutants to the environment, and the corresponding environmental protection tax of the pollutants is not paid”, that is: the solid waste that meets the conditions in the second paragraph is not a direct pollutant discharge to the environment , Do not pay the environmental protection tax on solid waste; if waste gas is generated during the process of disposal and is directly discharged into the environment, the environmental protection tax on the corresponding waste pollutants shall be paid in accordance with Article 2 of the Environmental Protection Tax Law.

Are styrene-acrylate copolymer emulsions and pure acrylic emulsions hazardous waste?
Answer: The definition of hazardous waste in the “Solid Law” refers to solid wastes with hazardous characteristics that are included in the national hazardous waste list or identified in accordance with the hazardous waste identification standards and identification methods prescribed by the country. Therefore, to determine whether such substances are hazardous wastes, one should first check the “National Directory of Hazardous Wastes”. If they are clearly included in the list, they are classified as hazardous wastes. If it is not clearly included in the inventory, it needs to be judged through the identification of hazardous waste.

Are the packaging bags of the raw material titanium dioxide used in paint production classified as hazardous waste?
Answer: The packaging bag of the raw material titanium dioxide used in paint production is not a hazardous waste.

Are the toner cartridges, ink cartridges, fluorescent lamps, and LED lights in the factory considered hazardous waste?
Answer: Toner cartridges, ink cartridges, fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps are temporarily not included in the “National Hazardous Waste List” (2016 edition).

Living on the top floor of the community, the house opposite is rented to a mobile company, and a base station is built. Will it cause radiation damage to the body? The construction of the base station has not sought the consent of the community owner. Is this illegal?
Answer: 1. my country has strict technical limit standards for electromagnetic radiation. According to the “Electromagnetic Environment Control Limits”, the public exposure limit (root mean square value of the equivalent plane wave power density for any continuous 6 minutes) in the mobile communication frequency band is 40 microwatts/cm2, which is more stringent than many developed countries in the world (Most countries in Europe are now 200 microwatts/cm²). 2. The country and the province have strict environmental management regulations on construction projects such as mobile communication base stations. Mobile communication base stations above the exemption level must conduct self-assessment when selecting sites, building new or expanding antennas, and predict that they can meet the relevant environmental protection standards before they can be located; they must go through the environmental impact assessment filing procedures for construction projects before putting them into operation. 3. The mobile base station shall monitor the electromagnetic radiation of the base station within a certain period of time when it is put into operation. The local environmental protection department will also conduct supervisory monitoring of the electromagnetic radiation of the base station. Once the electromagnetic radiation of the base station is found to exceed the standard, measures must be taken immediately to rectify it. If the rectification still fails to meet the requirements of the standard, it shall stop using it in accordance with the law. 4. At present, there is no document stipulating that projects that implement environmental impact registration form filing shall consult the public around the project at the stage of registration and filing.

Does waste water, exhaust gas, noise, and solid waste need to go to the treatment facility for the acceptance of the EIA report form? Does the registration form need to be accepted?
Answer: According to Article 17 of Chapter 3 of the “Regulations on the Administration of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects”: After the completion of the construction project for which the environmental impact report and the environmental impact report form are compiled, the construction unit shall follow the standards and procedures stipulated by the environmental protection administrative department of the State Council , Check and accept the environmental protection facilities of the supporting construction, and prepare the acceptance report. The registration form project shall be implemented in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for the Recordation of the Environmental Impact Registration Form of Construction Projects”.

Do cosmetic manufacturing companies have to enter the chemical park?
Answer: According to the “List of Classification Management for Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects”, cosmetics manufacturing recommendations refer to the fifteenth category of chemical raw materials and chemical product manufacturing, item 39 of daily chemical manufacturing. The General Office of the State Council “Guiding Opinions on the Structural Adjustment of the Petrochemical Industry to Promote Transformation and Increase Benefits” (Guobanfa [2016] No. 57) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection “Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Environmental Impact Assessment and Preventing Environmental Risks” (Environmental Development (2012) No. 77), “Notice on Effectively Strengthening Risk Prevention and Strict Environmental Impact Assessment Management” (Huanfa (2012) No. 98), and “Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection and Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the issue of the implementation of differentiated environmental protection in Guangdong Province Documents such as the “Notice of Guiding Opinions on Access to Promote Regional Coordinated Development” (Yuehuan [2014] No. 27) and other documents put forward the requirements for entering the industrial park for petrochemical and hazardous chemical production and storage projects. For projects that do not involve chemical reactions such as the mixing, packaging and compounding of pure chemicals and the production and storage of hazardous chemicals must enter the industrial park, it is recommended to consult the local environmental protection department whether there are local regulations or requirements.

Whether the wind farm noise emission standard is implemented in accordance with the “Environmental Noise Emission Standard at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises” (GB12348-2008) or the People’s Republic of China Electric Power Industry Standard “Wind Farm Noise Limits and Measurement Methods” (DL/T1084-2008) ?
Answer: In the environmental impact assessment management, the noise at the boundary of the project’s substation is generally in accordance with the “Environmental Noise Emission Standard at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises” (GB12348-2008); the operation requirements of the wind turbine do not affect the corresponding acoustic environment functions of the surrounding residential areas, market towns and other environmentally sensitive points District requirements.

  1. Can a full-time undergraduate graduated with a major in polymer materials and engineering who have been engaged in environmental monitoring for more than 5 years apply for environmental protection professional technical qualification review?
  2. For full-time undergraduate graduates who are not majoring in environmental protection, but who have worked in environmental protection (such as environmental monitoring, environmental assessment preparation, etc.) for more than 5 years, can they apply for environmental protection professional technical qualification review?
  3. Which professional personnel can apply for environmental protection professional technical qualification review?
    Answer: 1. Regarding the initial professional and technical qualification certification, it shall be implemented in accordance with the notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of Personnel “About Guangdong Provincial College Graduates’ Initial Professional and Technical Qualifications? Interim Measures for Assessment and Certification” (Yueren Post [1998] No. 15) ;
  4. Regarding the application and review of professional technical qualifications for environmental protection, in accordance with the “Several Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Professional Title System of Our Province” (Yue Renfa [2003] No. 178), and the “Notice on Adjusting Certain Policies and Regulations in the Evaluation of Professional Technical Qualifications” ( Yue Ren Fa (2005) No. 177), “Notice on Clarifying Several Issues in the Application and Evaluation of Current Professional Technical Qualifications” (Yue Ren Fa (2007) No. 197), “Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection on Doing a Good Job in Environmental Protection Professional Technology in 2018 The Qualification Application and Review Work Notice (Yuehuanhan (2018) No. 1204) will be implemented;
  5. For environmental protection related majors, please refer to the official website of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, “Notice on the 2005 National Unified Examination of Professional Qualifications for Environmental Impact Assessment Engineers” (Huanhan [2005] No. 44) Annex 2. Correspondence table of new and old majors related to environmental protection .

Does the sandstone yard need to go through an environmental assessment?
Answer: If the sand and gravel storage and transportation process involves sand washing and other processing activities, it can be handled in accordance with Article 137 “Mining and processing of soil, gravel and stone” in the “Environmental Impact Assessment Classification Management List of Construction Projects”; if it is only a storage function, you can refer to the list Article 180 “Warehousing (excluding oil depots, gas depots, and coal storage)” shall be handled.

Small-scale hardware processing plants only have cutting and drilling processes. If there are 2 cutting and 2 drilling machines, can it be filed?
Answer: For the processing and manufacturing of metal products with only cutting and drilling processes, the registration form can be prepared according to item 67 of the “Construction Project Environmental Impact Assessment Classification Management Directory” (Order No. 44 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection) and submitted to local environmental protection Recorded by the competent department.

In the process of river and lake water environment treatment, a small amount of sludge will be produced after filtering through integrated equipment. I plan to contact a brick factory or ceramsite factory to digest the raw materials. How to apply for an environmental impact assessment report?
Answer: Please consult the competent environmental protection department with approval authority for the detailed approval process of EIA documents.

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