Synoflex® PG / 1,2-Propanediol / Propylene glycol CAS 57-55-6


Food grade propylene glycol

Food grade Application scope

1. can be used as solvents for flavor and fragrance, spices and food coloring, food packaging softener, food anti-adhesive, tobacco humectant, anti-mildew agent, fruit ripening preservative, antifreeze and heat transfer medium, emulsifier, etc..

2. also used as a solvent for food marking ink for lubricating oil of food processing equipment.

3. it can be used as moisturizing agent in the daily chemical industry in general, etc.


Food grade product characteristics

1. The content of propylene glycol reaches more than 99.5%, with less impurity peaks, the use process can exclude other side reactions thus providing higher stability, enough to meet the various needs of customers, and has been widely praised by customers.

2. using gas chromatograph for sample testing to ensure the accuracy of product quality.

3. food additive propylene glycol has better hygroscopicity and antifreeze property.



Pharmaceutical excipient grade propylene glycol

Pharmaceutical grade Application scope

1. This product can be used as a carrier for human medicine drug, granule drug use agent, moisturizer, softener, solvent.

2. It can also be used as a solvent in the field of veterinary medicine and pesticide.

3. it can be applied in the tobacco industry as tobacco flavor, tobacco humectant and preservative.

4. can be used as moisturizing agent in the daily chemical industry, etc.


Pharmaceutical grade Product characteristics

1. Our company has made important technical improvements, the content of propylene glycol is more than 99.8%, with less impurities, so that other side reactions can be excluded in the process of use to provide higher stability.

2. High-end imported gas chromatograph is used for sample testing to ensure the accuracy of product index.

3. It has better moisture absorption and anti-freezing property.


Industrial Grade Propylene Glycol

Industrial Grade Application range

1. for the production of unsaturated resins, polyether polyols, epoxy resins, etc.

2. used in organic synthesis, solvent, dehydrating agent and gas chromatography fixative, synthetic emulsifier, emulsion breaker, etc.

3. Acting as a chemical intermediate for the pesticide fungicide phenomethoxazole.

4. used in cellophane, plasticizers and pharmaceutical industry.

5. the aqueous solution of propylene glycol is an effective antifreeze agent.


Industrial Grade Product characteristics

The content of industrial grade propylene glycol reaches more than 99.5%, with stable product quality and high start-up rate, it can meet various demands of customers and has been widely praised by them.

Packing and transportation

Packed in galvanized iron drums or plastic drums, specifications can be 25kg, 200kg, 215kg.

It can be packed in ISO TANK cans, liquid bags or according to customers’ requirements.


Safe storage

Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse, the temperature should not exceed 37℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled below 60%.

It should be stored separately from oxidizing agents, reducing agents, acids, etc. Never mix storage and keep the container sealed.

Keep away from fire and heat source. Prohibit the use of spark-prone machinery and tools.

The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. The bottom layer should be padded when storing, and the height of palletizing should not exceed 2 meters.


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