sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6

Chemical Name: Sodium p-styrenesulfonate
CAS No.: 2695-37-6
Molecular Fomula:C8H7NaO3S

Chemical Structure:Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Structure

Molecular weight:206.19

Appearance:Free flowing granules or powder without visible contamination



sodium p-styrenesulfonate CAS 2695-37-6

Item Standard Results
Appearance Free flowing granules or powder without visible contamination
Vinyl Activity (as SSS) % 89~100 93.1
Water % 8~12 10.5
Color (1% APHA )(Hazen) ≦50 15.0
PH( 10% aqueous solution ) 7.5~11 9.4
Filterable Matter % ≦0.06 0.01
Sodium Sulfate % ≦0.8 0.11
Halides % ≦6 1.4
Light absorbance /cm at 600 nm ≦0.035 0.005
Iron ppm ≦15 3


Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Usage

1.Used for preparing dyeing modifiers for polypropylene and acrylic fibers, reactive emulsifiers, charged preventive agents such as nylon, recording paper, polyester, sulfur exchange resin, etc.

2.Used as the third monomer for acrylic fiber production.

3.Dyeing improvers (propylene fiber, polyester, polypropylene fiber, rayon), reactive emulsifiers, polysulfide dislocations (dialysis membranes, batteries, artificial body membranes), charged preventive agents (nylon, recording paper, polyester), sulfur exchange resin (membrane), photo-realistic agents (micro-diaphragm), plating gloss agent.


Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Packaging and Shipping

Packing:25 kg bag

Delivery:by air ,by sea


Sodium p-styrenesulfonate Storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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