Sodium molybdate / Disodium molybdate CAS 7631-95-0

Chemical Name: Sodium molybdate

Synonym: Disodium molybdate

CAS No.: 7631-95-0

MF: MoNa2O4  MW: 205.91714

Molecular structure:



Sodium molybdate / Disodium molybdate CAS 7631-95-0

Sodium molybdate is a colourless phosphorus flake crystal. Easily soluble in water, insoluble in acetone, 100 degrees Celsius to remove the water of crystallisation. Used in the manufacture of alkaloids and other substances reagents, dyes, molybdenum red pigments, catalysts, molybdenum salts and sunlight-resistant colour precipitants. It is also a raw material for the manufacture of flame retardants and a metal corrosion inhibitor for pollution-free cooling water systems.



Item Specification
Appearance White solid
Mo ≥39
Fe ≤0.005
SO4 ≤0.1
As ≤0.001
Cl ≤0.02
Moisture ≤0.05
PH 8.5-9



Used in the manufacture of alkaloids, dyestuffs, fertilisers, pigments, catalysts, flame retardants and metal inhibitors for pollution-free cooling water systems, as well as in galvanising polish and chemical reagents.


Package:25kgs/Drum; 50kgs/Drum



Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place.

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