Siperox® BIPB 96 / Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropy)benzene CAS 25155-25-3

Chemical name: Bis(tert-butyldioxyisopropyl)benzene

Cas No.: 25155-25-3 or 2212-81-9

Synonym:Perkadox 14S;Perkadox 14;FARIDA BIPB;Luperox F40;Luperox F90P

Molecular formula: C20H34O4


Molecular weight: 338.48


Siperox® BIPB 96  CAS 25155-25-3


Item Standard Result
Appearance White powder White powder
Purity,% ≥96.0 97.3
Melting range(℃) 40-55 40-42

What is Siperox® BIPB?

BIPB claims to have no smell of DCP, in addition to the structural similarity, there is an important reason, that is, almost where you can use DCP can be replaced by BIPB, BIPB instead of DCP adhesive performance, including hardness, breaking strength, elongation, tear strength, as well as oil resistance, aging coefficient, etc., basically the same, while the compression deformation at high temperatures, BIPB is better than DCP.


Siperox® BIPB Application:

1. Siperox® BIPB can be used as a crosslinking agent for rubber and plastics, such as silicone rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (such as EVA foam), chlorinated polyethylene rubber (CPE), ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM), chlorosulfonated poly Ethylene, tetrapropylene fluorine rubber (TP-2), saturated hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR). In the case of the same cross-linking effect, the addition amount is about 2/3 of other organic cross-linking agents. There is no irritating odor during operation and in the finished products. It is especially suitable for flexible cord insulation cross-linking and EVA foam products in silicone rubber molding vulcanization chambers, such as rubber sheathed cables for air conditioners, EVA foam toys, etc.

2. It can be used by adding rubber material during mixing. When the crosslinking effect is required, the addition amount of 3 parts can completely crosslink the high molecular polymer.

3. Can be used as a cross-linking agent for plastics and rubber such as chlorinated polyethylene, EPDM rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, and fluororubber. In the case of the same cross-linking effect, the amount added is about 2/3 of the DCP, and the irritating odor in the operation process and the finished product is small.

Siperox® BIPB Packaging and Shipping:



Siperox® BIPB Storage:

Stored in a cool dry place(2-8° C) out of direct sunlight.


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