Pyridinium chlorochromate CAS 26299-14-9

Pyridinium chlorochromate CAS 26299-14-9

Chemical Name: Pyridinium chlorochromate

CAS No.: 26299-14-9

Molecular Formula: C5H6NCLCrO3

Molecular Weight: 215.56

Pyridinium chlorochromate Structure:

Pyridinium chlorochromate Structure

Appearance: orange powder

Content: ≥98%


Pyridinium chlorochromate Use

1. This product can be used as an effective alcohol oxidant.

2. Allyl and benzyl methylene oxidants.

3. Oxidative cracking agent for aryl substituted olefins.

4. Used in Grubbs-catalyzed ring-closure decomposition of unsaturated lactone from D-glucose to oxidize allyl methylene.

5. Under mild conditions, stable, multifunctional selective oxidant for alcohols.


Pyridinium chlorochromate Storage

keep low-temperature and keep drying


Pyridinium chlorochromate Shelf life

12 month with package


Pyridinium chlorochromate Package 

25kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer needs.

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