chromotropic acid cas 148-25-4

Chromotropic acidQuick Details

Product name:Chromotropic acid

Chemical Name:1,8-Dihydroxynaphthylene-3,6-disulfonic acid

CAS: 148-25-4

Molecular Formula:C10H8O8S2

Molecular weight:320.3

Structuralformula:1,8-Dihydroxynaphthylene-3,6-disulfonic acid Structural


Chromotropic acid Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content 98%Min
HPLC 99%Min
Moisture 1.0% Max
Insoluble matter 0.1% Max.

Chromotropic acid Usage

Used as intermediate of dyes.

  1. Analytical Chemistry: Chromotropic Acid, with CAS number 148-25-4, is extensively used in analytical chemistry as a reagent for the determination of various metal ions. It forms colored complexes with metals, enabling their detection and quantification.
  2. Photography: This compound has historical significance in the field of photography. Chromotropic Acid was used in certain photographic processes, particularly as a component in developing solutions.
  3. Textile Industry: Chromotropic Acid finds applications in the textile industry for the determination of hydrogen peroxide in bleaching processes. It serves as an indicator in titrations related to the measurement of peroxide levels.
  4. Research and Laboratory Use: In research and laboratory settings, Chromotropic Acid is employed for various chemical analyses and experiments. Its ability to form colored complexes makes it valuable in qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Chromotropic acidPackaging and Shipping


Chromotropic acidStorage

It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.

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