Diammonium hydrogen phosphite CAS 51503-61-8

Chemical Name: Diammonium hydrogen phosphite

CAS No.: 51503-61-8

Molecular Formula: H9N2O3P

Molecular weight:116.06

Diammonium hydrogen phosphiteStructure:Diammonium hydrogen phosphite Structure

Appearance:White crystal




Diammonium hydrogen phosphite CAS 51503-61-8

Item Specifications
Appearance White crystal
Assay (NH4)2HPO3•H2O 98.0% min
N 20.4% min
P2O5 51.9% min
PH of a 5% sol. 7.4-7.7
Moisture 2.0% max
Cl 0.0005% max
Fe 0.0005% max
Cd 0.0005% max
Pb 0.001% max
As 0.001% max
Not dissoluble materials in water 0.01% max


What is the difference between diammonium hydrogen phosphite and diammonium hydrogen phosphate?

1. They are all commonly used phosphate compound fertilizers in agriculture.

2. Common diammoniums include 18-46-0, 15-42-0, etc., monoammonium 11-52-0, 11-44-0, etc. The nitrogen content of monoammonium is generally less than 11%. Diammonium is more alkaline, monoammonium is more acidic. The effect of monoammonium on saline-alkali soils in northern China is better than diammonium. As long as it is used with different nitrogen and potassium fertilizers according to the fertilizer requirements of different crops, the effect is similar.

3. Due to the high total content of diammonium, high-grade phosphate rock is generally required for production, and the water-soluble phosphorus content is generally higher than that of monoammonium

Diammonium hydrogen phosphite Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 20kg/bag

Delivery: By sea, by air, by courier, etc.


Diammonium hydrogen phosphite Storage

Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.


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