4-Methoxyphenol CAS 150-76-5

Chemical Name:4-Methoxyphenol

CAS No.:150-76-5

Molecular Fomula:C7H8O2

Molecular weight:124.14

MolecularStructure:4-Methoxyphenol Structure

Appearance:White crystalline flake


4-Methoxyphenol CAS 150-76-5

Items Standard
Appearance White crystalline flake
Hydroquinone(123-31-9)% ≤0.05
Hurning Residue% ≤0.01
Loss on Drying% ≤0.3
Melting Point℃ 54-56.5
Heavy Metal% ≤0.001
APHA ≤10
Hydroquinone Dimethyether Not checked out
Content% ≥99.5


4-Methoxyphenol Usage

1. It is mainly used as polymerization inhibitors, ultraviolet inhibitors, dye intermediates for vinyl monomers, as well as for the synthesis of food fats and cosmetics antioxidant, BHA.

2. It is an important intermediate of fine chemical products such as medicine, perfume and pesticide.It can also be used as polymer inhibitor, anti-aging agent, plasticizer and so on.Mainly used to produce acrylonitrile, acrylic acid and its ester,methacrylic acid and its ester and other allyl monomers polymerization inhibitors.Its greatest advantage is that it can be directly involved in polymerization without removing p-hydroxyphenyl ether when used.It is also used as antiaging agent, plasticizer and food additive (BHA) synthesis.

3.Used as solvents. Acrylic acid and acrylonitrile monomer polymerization inhibitors.Ultraviolet inhibitors.Make antioxidants.Dye preparation.

4.Used as solvents. As a polymerization inhibitor for vinyl monomers;Ultraviolet inhibitors;Dye intermediates and the antioxidant BHA (3-tert-butyl -4-hydroxyphenyl ether) used for the synthesis of edible oils and cosmetics.Its biggest advantage is that the monomer added with MEHQ need not be removed when copolymerizing with other monomers, but can be directly copolymerized with ternary, and can also be used as anti-aging agent and antioxidant.


4-Methoxyphenol Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/carton drum

Delivery:by sea or by air


4-Methoxyphenol Storage

Stored in cool dry and ventilated warehouse away from oxidants.

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