September 23, 2020 Longchang Chemical

Aging and agglomeration are prominent problems in the storage of shellac resin products. During long-term storage of shellac resin, due to the polymerization of various free genes, the thermal life of the resin product is shortened, the melting point increases, the color deepens, and the hot ethanol insoluble matter Gradually increase, this is the “aging” of shellac resin. During this process, shellac resin coalesce into hard lumps that are difficult to crush, called “agglomeration”. The quality of aging and agglomerated resin products will decrease to a certain extent.

The aging and agglomeration of shellac products are related to storage conditions. When temperature, humidity increase or catalysts are present, they will accelerate aging and agglomeration.

In view of the chemical and physical characteristics of the insect film, the insect film should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and cool place, and avoid the sun, rain, and close to heat and humidity. In this storage environment, shellac can be stored for three years, and products over three years should be re-inspected to confirm that they meet the standards before they can be used.

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