September 28, 2023 Longchang Chemical

Flame retardant TCPP raw material yellow phosphorus market analysis

In September, the market price of yellow phosphorus firstly rose and then fell, and the overall decline was dominated.In the first half of September, the overall market trading situation of yellow phosphorus was relatively fair, the upstream phosphate rock price rose, the cost support was strong, and the market price rose slightly.In the middle of September, the overall market trading situation of yellow phosphorus was general, and the market price was oscillating within the range. Upstream and downstream market game, manufacturers more price sales, low prices do not buy, downstream pressure purchasing, more resistant to high-end prices. late September, the overall market trading situation of yellow phosphorus is general, manufacturers basically no inventory before the festival, downstream stock purchasing is also basically completed. At present, dealers in the field are selling their goods at low prices, yellow phosphorus manufacturers’ intention to support the price is empty, and the center of gravity of the new single transaction price is gradually going down. Up to now, the market offer in 25500-25600 yuan / ton or so, the actual transaction a single negotiation.


Phosphorus ore, according to the business community data monitoring shows that as of September 26, 2023, China’s 30% grade phosphorus ore reference average price in the vicinity of 970 yuan / ton, compared with September 1, 2023 (phosphorus ore reference price of 866 yuan / ton), the price upward range of 12.01%. September domestic phosphorus ore market gravity center of gravity as a whole upward approaching the field of medium- and high-end grade phosphorus ore supply and demand continues to be tense! Mainly, the downstream pre-holiday stocking open, the overall demand is good. Business community phosphate rock data division that, in the short term, the domestic phosphate rock market will be more stable and strong running mainly, the specific trend also need to pay more attention to the supply and demand side of the news changes.


Coke, according to the business community commodity market analysis system: 2023 September coke market round of lift, as of press Shanxi region quasi-primary metallurgical coke prices at 2096.67 yuan / ton, up 5.89%. At the beginning of the month when the coke market price is temporarily stable, the spot market sentiment is better, the market overall strong operation. Supply side of the early coke enterprises generally maintain a high level of work, but with the raw material coking coal prices higher, some enterprises have cut production expectations. As market sentiment warms up, the downstream into the market procurement more, the market trading atmosphere is better, the plant coke inventory is low, some enterprises are reluctant to sell, the supply is slightly tense, the coke enterprise mentality is stronger. Comprehensive view of the end of the month when the coke supply is tight demand is good, coke enterprises mentality is strong, coke market is expected to run mainly strong. Focus on coking coal price trends, steel mills and coke enterprises in the plant inventory changes.


Phosphoric acid, according to the business community commodity market analysis system monitoring shows that the reference price of phosphoric acid on September 1 for 6875 yuan / ton, September 26 average price of 7160 yuan / ton, the price of the month up, the range of 4.15%. Phosphoric acid market price upward this month, raw material support is still available. Terminal demand performance is general, downstream and dealers are still cautious.Flame retardant TCPP raw material yellow phosphorus market analysis.

Yellow phosphorus is an important raw material for the production of the flame retardant TCPP.

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