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Zinc Pyrithione CAS 13463-41-7

Zinc pyrithione (48%) Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White latex
Assay 48-50%
PH 6.5–9.0
Zinc content 9.3-11.3 %
Particle size D50 , um <0.5
Particle size D90 , um <1.0
Total heavy metals (as Pb)ppm ≤20

Zinc pyrithione power (98%) Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White to slight yellow powder
Assay ≥98%
PH 6.0–9.0
D50, μm ≤5
D90, μm ≤10
Melting Point ≥240℃
Drying Loss ≤0.5%

Other Name: Bio Boost 2300EX; Pyrithione zinc; Zinc pyrithione; (T-4)-bis[1-(hydroxy-κO)pyridine-2(1H)-thionato-κS]zinc; Zinc pyridinethione; Zinc pyrithion

Other language:
Cinko piritionas (lt)
Pirition cink (cinkov pirition) (hr)
Pirition cink (cinkov pirition) (sl)
Pirition-cink (Cink-pirition) (hu)
Piritiona de cinc (es)
Piritiona-zinco (piritiona de zinco) (pt)
Piritioncinks (cinka piritions) (lv)
Pirytionian cynku (pl)
Pyrithion-Zink (Zink-Pyrithion) (de)
Pyrithione zinc (Zinc pyrithione) (no)
Pyrithione zincique (pyrithione de zinc) (fr)
pyrithionzink (da)
Pyrithionzink (zinkpyrithion) (nl)
Pyritionisinkki (sinkkipyritioni) (fi)
Zinco piritione (piritione zincica) (it)
Zinkpyrition (Pyritionzink) (sv)


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