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Methylisothiazolinone /mit CAS 2682-20-4

Item Specifications
Appearance White or off white crystalline powder
Assay % ≥99

2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-Ketone (MIT CAS 2682-20-4) Usage

Suitable to preservative for cosmetic and personal care product, such as the shampoo which contain ZPT, anti UV product, hygienic towelette, hand lotion, cleansing milk.

2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-Ketone (MIT CAS 2682-20-4)Packaging and Shipping


Delivery:by sea/by air

2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-Ketone (MIT CAS 2682-20-4)Storage

This product must be stored in a cool, dry and sealed container or tank. Storage warehouse must be regularly clearance, ventilate and inspection, be low temperature and dry,One year at 25°C.



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