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Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid CAS 27176-87-0

Minimum Purity ≥96%
Free Acid ≤1%
Sodium Sulfate ≤3%
Moisture ≤1%
Color ≤20 Hazen

1、Daily chemical industry:

As detergent and surfactant, it is used in the manufacture of cleaning products such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, shower gel and so on.

As emulsifier and stabilizer, it is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products, such as lotion, face wash, soap and so on.

2、Household cleaning industry:

As detergent and decontaminant, it is used in the manufacture of various household cleaning products, such as multi-purpose cleaner, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.

3、Industrial cleaning industry:

Used as metal cleaning agent, can remove grease and dirt on the metal surface.

Used as machinery cleaning agent, can clean mechanical equipment and parts.

4、Textile industry:

As a dye additive, it can help the dye better penetrate the fiber and improve the dyeing effect.

As a softener, it can increase the softness and luster of fabrics.

5、Chemical industry:

Used as surfactant, used in the manufacture of other surfactant intermediates.

6、Petroleum industry:

Used as an emulsifier for emulsification operations during oil extraction and treatment.

Other Name:







Dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid;

2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;

4-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;

dodecylbenzensulfonic acid;

Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid;

n-Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;

Laurylbenzenesulphonic acid;


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