PERFLUOROPOLYETHER(PFPE) CAS 69991-67-9/60164-51-4

CAS: 69991-67-9/60164-51-4

Molecular Fomula: [CF(CF3)CF2O]x(CF2O)y

Molecular Weight: 0

Appearance: Colorless, tasteless, transparent liquid

Assay: 99%min


Items Specifications Resuslt
Appearance Colorless liquid Confirm
Specific gravity/(20℃,g/cm3) 1.78-1.88 1.84
Viscosity /(25 ℃mm2/s) / 7.5
Viscosity /(40 ℃,mm2/s)mm2/s) / 5.36
molecular weight(g/mol ) 750- 950 880
Pour point℃ ≤73 Confirmed
acid value <0.05 0.02
Heat of vaporization% 80℃ 16.71
Heat of vaporization% 121℃ 78.41
Evaporation loss %in22hr 48.42



Perfluoropolyethers (PFPE) was first studied in the 1960s. It is a kind of special perfluoropolyethers. Its average molecular weight ranges from 500 to 15000. There are only C, F, O three chemical book elements in the molecule. It has the characteristics of heat resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, incombustibility, etc. It has been used as an extremely reliable lubricant in military, aerospace, nuclear industry and other cutting-edge fields for decades. Today, perfluoropolyether is widely used in chemical industry, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, nuclear industry, aerospace.

1.Thermo-oxidative stability

In the absence of effective catalysts, even in the presence of oxygen, perfluoropolyethers are still stable in the range of 270℃~300℃. The presence of some catalysts or inhibitors will change the thermal stability limit and degradation rate of perfluoropolyethers. Some metals such as Ti,A1 and its alloys, metal oxides such as A1203 and metal fluorides such as FeF3, A1F3, etc. can reduce the degradation temperature of perfluoropolyethers, and the degradation temperature generally decreases by about 50℃ if oxygen is present.

2.Chemical inertness

Perfluoropolyether does not react with most of the corrosive chemicals such as acid, alkali and oxidizing agent, showing strong chemical inertness. However, some strong nucleophilic reagents, such as dry ammonia and active metals such as A1, Mg, Na, K, etc., can make PFPE decompose and reduce its thermal stability.


Perfluoropolyether has compatibility with many substances, such as JP-4 fuel, hydrocarbon fuels, metamethylhydrazine, diethylenetriamine,

Hydrogen peroxide, liquid oxygen, etc. In addition, Z-type and Y-type perfluoropolyethers have good compatibility with plastics and elastomers.

4. Radiation resistance

Perfluoropolyether oil is very stable to radiation and has the lowest viscosity growth rate compared with hydrocarbon and silicone oil under the same dose.

5. Flame resistance

The flame resistance of perfluoropolyether is very obvious, compared with other types of lubricants, it is more suitable for high temperature and harsh operating environment, such as being widely used in the lubrication of aviation machinery components.

6.Dielectric properties

Perfluoropolyether has excellent dielectric properties with high dielectric strength, high resistivity, low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss angle tangent.

Packaging And Shipping

25KG/drum, 50KG/drum . Usually 1 pallet load 500KG

Belongs to common goods and can deliver by sea or air

Keep And Storage

Validity: 2years

Ventilation low temperature drying; with acid, ammonia salt stored separately.

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